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Photo by Vicki Duong


Matt Osborn is a born and raised British Columbian artist. Growing up all over the province he has experienced all the different wonders of nature. 

He graduated high school on Vancouver Island where his passion for nature and art grew. He graduated with special honors in fine arts and attended fine arts classes at North Island College. He then went to Vancouver Island University and dabbled a bit in the study of graphic design. After deciding graphic design was not his passion he took to Europe to be inspired and find direction. 

His European travels lit a spark of desire to indulge in fine art again. Once he returned home he decided to apply to the prestigious Emily Carr University. Upon his acceptance he made the move to the big city, Vancouver.

Moving to Vancouver was a big change for Matt and invoked big discoveries in himself and his art. Matt has been living and working in Vancouver for nearly two years and continues to express his love of nature and art through his works.